Who are we ?

Founded in 2010, ALHAYAT TENDERS started as a supplier of BoP (Balance of Plant) equipment and spare parts for government owned power plants in Algeria.

Since the early days ALHAYAT TENDERS has distinguished itself from competition by addressing customer’s most challenging needs for obsolete or hard-to-find items and building a name centered around “solving complexity”, this name made of ALHAYAT TENDERS a real partner instead of just another regular supplier.

Along the way, Alhayat Tenders has given special importance to market intelligence, opportunity analysis and tendring process. As of 2019, Alhayat Tenders has treated 1092 tenders, participated in 254, executed 52 contacts, 35 contracts in partnership

Therefore, Alhayat Tenders has developed a perfect understanding of the business culture and established reliable customer relationships combined with a strong technical expertise.

These acquired strengths along with our maturation of opportunity capturing and partnership management processes encouraged us to team up with key players in the Oil & Gas and Power Plants industry to deliver medium EPCs and complex projects for government owned companies.

AL HAYAT TENDERS joins its forces with companies specialized in Oil & Gas and power generation industries in order to offer tailor-made solutions for complex projects in Algeria.

To be the most trusted Algerian company for building successful partnerships capable to deliver B2G projects in Oil & Gas and Power Plants Industry on time according to contract’s specifies.

Our Organizational Structure

With an organizational structure that cuts through the complexity of the business we manage, we are optimally organized to respond to market challenges today and tomorrow as we continue implemen- ting our growth strategy.

Our employees are the most valuable resource for our success. They are known for their business and technical skills, understanding of complex government requirements and for their strong multi-disci- plinary background in the Oil & Gas and Power plants industry.

Our team consists of rare breed talented professionals, handpicked up from reputed companies. They accumulated significant experience allowing them to capture the best opportunities in the market, figure out solutions to the most complex projects and deliver practical yet impactful solutions to our customers in a smooth and professional manner.

Core value we share

At Alhayat Tenders, core values have always been the spirit of our Company, governing the way we behave, operate and interact with our customers, partners, communities and each other.


Building great things means taking risks – we are em- powered to take bold and thoughtful actions, and we hold ourselves accountable for delivering results.


The success is built on rela- tionships – To us, we believe in the power of working together to leverage the strengths of each other for the sake of a collective goal achievement.


Is the compass that helps our organization shape bu- siness decisions that are good for our customers, partners, employees and our company.


Balance between flexibility and stability Is what affords our business the freedom and resilience to achieve its purpose without com- promising quality or safety. No matter what the future brings.


Is our key to continuous growth and relevance in the marketplace. We constantly look for creative ideas and innovative ways of doing business, solving problems and finding solutions.